Sep 232017

With all the issues with North Korea lately and other issues such as tornadoes, floods etc. starting to take prepping more seriouslly and would like to connect with others.

Right now just looking to meet other like minded people and learn strategies etc. but maybe eventually join a group. 30 y.o. male with a family. Can offer skills in the architectural / construction field including help with building bunkers, security etc. No criminal background, college educated, but don’t hold it against anyone who is not. Not religious but not irresponsible either. Thanks.

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  1. If you do not find a group to join then maybe we can start our own group. I live in Bastrop so I am near your area. I am a school teacher so I am very busy currently but I also hope to meet and maybe join a group this coming Summer.

    A bit about me: I am 48 and have a wife and two teenage children. I am retired military so school teaching is my second career. I would say that I am new to prepping as well but I learn new things every month and add to my supplies at least a little every month.

  2. abrownbear and TechBear check your PM mailboxes

  3. Techbear
    I live near Smithville and I have considerable prepper experience/resources. I am not interested in a militia but I would be happy to work together before or after a SHTF event. I am ex-Air Force, mechanical engineer. Perhaps we need to see if there are any areas that we could benefit each other’s readiness. Because of operational security I will not say more here so email me at marshmontg at gmaildotcom if your interested.