Sep 042020

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Hey there! New prepper looking for like minded people in the South Georgia area. Looking to join a group or build a group. Been interested in this for awhile, but looks like its time for STHTF. Better late than never to get started. I am 53 with 20 years of nursing experience. In good physical shape. Have my own weapons. Work very hard. Can cook and learn anything and everything fast.

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  1. What General area? I’m also looking for like minded ppl in the coastal GA area.

  2. I live in Florida–I found out Trump wants to enoculate everyone with the vaccine and chip which will mind control everyone it is the mark of 666. By November early January. my email [email protected]. I am trying to meet preppers. I believe the SHTF Already and what is coming is worse.

  3. My husband and I are looking for like-minded, trustworthy preppers to get to know, who understand the need to come together when the SHTF. We are 60 & 70 years old, in reasonable health, owner-operators, and also live in Coastal Georgia.

  4. We have a small group located in South Georgia in the clinch County and Lowndes county. Let me know if you’re interested to talk

  5. Looking for a group in Coastal Ga – Glynn or near