Jun 182019

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Trying to find a prep group here in Georgia, between Sylvannah and Atlanta.

  2 Responses to “New prepper”

  1. Yes please contact me if you are interested in creating a small community of like-minded Preppers on a substantive on tract of land that I own please text message me at 770313 2003

  2. I have a small parcel of land here in Wilkes County which is located midway between Augusta and Athens.
    This is a small rural area which is ideal for this sort of thing.
    I am located out in the county which is where you want to be, far enough from town and isolated enough to provide the preferred security yet close enough to town that it is no problem making supply runs when necessary.
    I am not looking to create a large group as the larger the group the greater the risk of being noticed.
    I am only looking for maybe a maximum of 6 people (5 + myself).
    If this sound like something you would be interested in, PM me and let’s talk.