Sep 302017

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Mom, Grandma, and Granddaughter are looking for a prepper group in or around Guthrie, OK. We are new to all of this, having decided that enough was enough and we should probably have some kind of action plan to go on should SHTF. Not quite sure where to start, but we have decided our first priorities are to find a group (as we can’t exactly “Red Dawn” it, as my mother put it), and we need to start stocking up on food and water for what may be the inevitable. 

I’m not quite sure what I could advertise as a “skill set” for us. My mother has worked reconning cars for years and is quite handy with most common car issues? I’m a medical biller with minimal actual surgical experience. I guess my post-apocalyptic life skill would be crocheting. Gotta have them blankets, scarfs, hats, stuffed animals etc lol.  Any and all help/tips/guidance would be much appreciated. I see the links on the left hand side of the site for guides and blogs, etc, and will be looking more into them very shortly. Must ask that any and all contact (for the time being) be solely online as privacy is precious these days, as is security and safety. Thank you so much to you who is reading this, drop a message if you can, and have a happy day.

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    Check the forum connected to this site. Lots of helpfull advice. Also don’t sell yourself short. Everyone has skills, just being aware of the need to do something is the start and sets you apart from the majority of people out there.

  2. Can’t send a PM but you can contact me. . jic @ use . startmail . com

  3. Hello Ladies, I live in Tulsa and would be glad to give whatever information I can. There is also a group in OKC that I can put you in touch with. They have a Facebook page as well. If you are interested feel to contact me at [email protected]. Remember, it’s not what skills you have, but what skills you can acquire. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. I just read your post and am really excited to hear you are working on preparing your family for the rocky road ahead. My name is Beth Stone. I have a user name, but as an author of a book on doing exactly what you are trying to do, it doesnt do any good to be secretive. The book is called Survival Alliances and that is the term we made up for the grouping of people for prep purposes. It’s available on Amazon. It is a full size manual with 24 pages of checklists and forms to organize your group and help you maintain it. The other 90 are why, how to scout members, structure and tips. Would love to support your efforts If you want to message me here or on our FB @ survival alliances, or text me at 405-664-7698. We are OKC area..

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