May 162019

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I’m new to Central Ohio from the East Coast and I’m in search of people in the area who are willing to share their knowledge with a chick who’s eager to learn.

I have some general knowledge about various survival skills, but I’ve never had the opportunity to practice them with someone who is knowledgeable and experienced. I’m looking to learn the following:

–fishing and cleaning fish
–Local edible/medicinal wild plant identification and harvesting
–Knife sharpening

I do have knowledge about various things that I’d be happy to share, although I’m not sure how relevant my knowledge is to SHTF scenarios….

Baking/cooking from scratch, health insurance, basic sewing, childcare /child development, psychology, floral arrangements… ummm…. I can help you decode what your wife might want from you? I know enough about a lot of little things, so ask me and maybe I know stuff you’re interesting in?

  5 Responses to “New To Central Ohio, Seeking Training”

  1. Hello! We are in northeast Ohio, not exactly central, but may be able to help you with references, good books, information.

  2. Im in northeast area as well (Canton area), not sure how close you are to there, but I have a lot of things Id be willing to share. Also still looking for a group in the area. Thanks

  3. Bout an hour north of you. Let’s talk

  4. Hello!

    I have Telegram channel for Ohio Preppers. It’s a place where we can discuss prepping and a local community for helping one another in times such as these. There’s a lot happening in Ohio and things are moving quickly.

    Telegram is a private IM app that can be found on the App Store. Hopefully some of you can join our community!–nqmKuHSUMw

  5. I am in the Cleveland area and am currently looking for others to join a group.I am prior military and have some supplies, weapons, and equipment.