Jan 132020

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Hi folks. I’m looking for a prepper community in Montgomery county  TX.

I have plenty of knowledge and experience in many areas. Would like to find a small community to live in that has good values and like to work together with learning and teaching others in the community. My hobbies are cooking, fixing things, and organizing things. Yeah kinda odd. I love organizing stuff.

Well let me know if your in my area


  3 Responses to “New to prepper sites. Texas”

  1. We aren’t in Montgomery but open to moving. We really want to live in a community, if there isn’t one we would love to start one with other families. My husband was a Marine and we have to children. We have accumulated some stuff over the years that would benefit the community. I would love to hear if this interests you. Thanks!

  2. We are on Leon county, are you still looking for a community?

  3. San Antonio couple. Very interested in community living. Are you still looking ?