Feb 092017

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Hello… I’m new to this, but have always had an interest and now a desire. If anyone has any tips, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m in southeast ohio and looking for any other people sharing the same desire!

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  1. Hey Jeepman1974, I live in NW Ohio and don’t have a ton of contacts in your area but know several that plan on bugging out in you direction. Try facebook prepper groups in Northern Ohio if you cant find any in you immediate area. North Coast Preparedness is a Cleveland area group and Northwest Ohio Preppers Network (Without All The Rules) is a Toledo based group. If you can not find a closer group join those two groups and start networking. Also a couple very well run groups out of Columbus. None of these groups are close to you but your area is sparse (why people want to bug out to it) so start in other area’s. The information is on prepping and will be useful and then network the southern people or people bugging out into you general area. If you are new, this is a starting point. Any question feel free to ask, I am member of both of those groups. Put a simple message after you join of Kahunarv PM me and I’ll contact you ok

    • thatnk you I will check them out,and yes it is a good location to go I have 10 acers right on the ohio river bordering wayne national forest that is my go to.

  2. Thanks, also answers some of my questions as well. I’m from Bowling Green area. Hardest part is filtering through preppers and the aliens are coming ones.. happy hunting lol

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