Feb 092017

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I’m looking to join a group of like minded individuals for prepping and group safety/efforts.  Prefer former military.  I am a retired US Army NCO, Ranger School Grad from a few decades ago.  My prepping efforts are growing but I know the value of a group.  Reach out to me here please.

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  1. I don’t know how far you’d be willing to travel but our group is in Michigan and has members from other states because we have a pretty good thing here; better than most. We have a ranger member now in addition to all the regular things you’d want in a group or retreat site. For more info hit me up at…

    [email protected]

  2. I am down in the Janesville area, if you are fairly close feel free to contact me.


  3. We are about 10 hours away from you in northeastern Tennessee. We are the Tennessee Mountain Christian Prepper Group- you can see our posts here. Hal is retired Navy, I did 16 years Army and retired from TSA. Have you seen the Navy’s future map of America ? Anyone you can contact me at willswebservice
    at comcast dot net

  4. Hey I don’t have a group but I’m here in the Fox Cities in WI. I’ve been looking at expanding from just looking at looking after my family to forming a group. I look at prepping like I look at insurance; I hope I never need it but would rather have it than be unprotectedd. I’m a former Marine infantryman (6 years) and Iraq veteran from the early 2000s. I am gradually building my preps from most likely to least likely in both quality and quantity of my knowledge and gear.

    • I can introduce you to our group of families with various levels of commitment and resources that over many years have developed relationships and shared experience preparing for what is to come. Due to ideological differences we recently terminated our relationship with meetup.com so get in touch with us at foxvalleypreppers.yolasite.com

  5. I’m down in the Milwaukee area, but always interested in expanding our options. Not former military, but current LEO. My husband is a mechanic/chef (don’t knock it, it’s been a very useful combo lol). We bring a lot to the table including 2 BOLs (one in SE Wisconsin and another in central Wisconsin) and non electronic vehicle options.

  6. I am located on the Illinois/Wisconsin boarder. Army vet with several years (more then I would like to count) in Public Safety and Emergency Services. I have a long background in “Tactical Communications” as an instructor and network operations. If anyone is interested please contact me at Bravo-50(at)protomail(dot)com.

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