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Hi, im new to all this prepping stuff, have always been interested in camping and stuff, not sure where to start as a serious prepper, would like to communicate with other likeminded preppers in nsw australia

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  1. If you can’t find somebody local, you might check out the associated PrepperGroups prepper forum (follow the highlight to register – it’s automatic this time).

    There are whole threads for beginners, what and why we do and how we got started, mistakes we’ve made and what we’d do differently, and even though a lot of the users are U.S., the owner and some of the fly-by members are also Canadian and Australian, so you can get a lot of perspectives.


  2. I have a group on the goldy please contact me 0431047292

  3. Hey there I’m located in NSW and have been into prepping a good 10 years, I can help you out with whatever info you need. I wonder if there’s a more private way to share contact details in here?

    • hi, sorry i havent replied before now, my email is [email protected], i am interested in canning and am not sure where to start, i have bought 2 vacola units, steel ones, i have ball mason jars but not sure if they would be suitable. since i put this post up, i have got a vegie garden going and have bought 1 nut tree and 10 fruit trees. i have also bought 2 dehydrators. any help would be greatly appreciated, kind regards margaret

  4. Hi we have a group if you need info or support we are able to share our knowledge, contact me on [email protected] we have members from sydney,central coast,newcastle. We meet every week its more now like a mateship as we have all become good friends cheers

    • hi, i am on the far south coast, and any guidance would be appreciated. my email is [email protected] since doing this post i have got a vegie garden going and have bought 1 nut tree and 10 fruit trees, 2 dehydrators and 2 steel vacola units and ball mason jars. i am currently in the process of working on my f250. kind regards margaret

  5. I’m from bendigo Victoria just send me a msg

  6. Hi I am also new to prepping and from NSW Australia.

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