Mar 012020

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Fairly new to prepping and interested in learning and getting family better prepared. Looking for other preppers in Carroll County, MD and surrounding areas.

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  1. I’m about 30 miles south of that area. How are you doing since the recent days and level 2 readiness the government is at?

  2. Hi, my name is Manuel Roig-Franzia and I am a longtime Washington Post reporter. I’m wondering if you might have a moment to speak with me or an article. I’m interested in learning more about prepping from your perspective. Is there a good number for me to call? Or I can be reached on my cell at (202) 210-4213 or email [email protected]

    Edit: The reporter had already been removed from site access for violation of policy (located at with its press-specific link, ) when I logged in an hour and a half after their messages were posted. Thanks to everyone for their assistance in maintaining and their patience. If there’s ever an issue of concern regarding site policy violations, feel free to contact Admin John and I.
    -Cheers, Pup

  3. Is anyone still active on this site? Haven’t seen a new post in months?

  4. Hello my friend, are you still looking for preparedness minded people in your area?

  5. Anyone still in the area