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Hello everyone. I live outside of Baton Rouge in Louisiana. I’m looking to meet other people who prep in my state. I grew up in the country and in some of our wonderful rivers and waterways. I have had a hard time finding people or groups locally who prep. I’m interested in hearing what others are doing locally. I plan on going back into the basin where I know how to live off the land.


I hope no one else has lost anything in this flood 2016 but me on here. I lost just about everything. I want to remind everyone that your brain is your best survival tool. I see so many who aren’t thinking right now. They are getting mad and not talking to others like they should and pull together. Some of it is from being overwhelmed and some of it is greed. When your in a survival situation its not having one person in charge as much as it is having everyone work together that’s going to get you through it. I am saying this from first hand knowledge. During this epic flood I spend 4 days on this little island of land that stayed out the water in French settlement. We had 28 people there over 30 dogs chickens all over the yard and when the cattle broke through a fence to get to higher ground we had to deal with cattle. We never had a fight or argument there. because we all worked together and discussed things. So remember that its your brain that’s your best survival tool. Stay calm and think things out, not over think. Talk and find understanding and help each other. A good heart and a calm head can do a lot towards how well you survive because you may want too survive but why just survive if you can survive better by working as a group

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  1. Hi, I’m Heidi. Been prepping on and off for years now, but recently have gotten much more into it. would love to trade info and ideas. I’m outside of New Orleans.

    Hope to hear from you.

    • Sounds good Heidi. I live in Denham Springs. I’m not sure how close that is to you. You can always email me at papermate691 on yahoo. It will be good to hear from someone else in my state.

  2. Hey this is Gil I have been looking to try and start a small group out of this area. I live in Gonzales and I have likeminded friends that live in walker, Watson, and French settlement. It would be really nice to try and pic up some new members to this little group. We do a little traing out in the maurapas swamp by blind river. I we are planning a weekend trip soon to go out there with hardly anything. If that would be something your interested in.

    • Hi Gil I’ Richard and you can reach me at xxx. on facebook look for Dick Rogers

      Edit: Phone number removed. Please review site policies.

    • Gil if you have friends in walker and watson and French settlement. I’m sure they have seen my jeep. Ask them about the zombie response jeep. Its green, jacked up and has lights on front and top with spare mounted on rear. If they see me tell them they are free to stop and chat with me.

  3. Hello folks.

    I write this to you to let you know that I am looking for like minded folks.

    A short bio about me.

    Male 50 extensive survival training.

    Born in New Jersey.
    Lived in and practiced survival in these states.
    New Jersey
    Southern California


    Master electrician
    Master stone mason
    Journeyman plumbing
    Intermediate chemistry
    Pneumatics ( using both air and fluid for mechanical manipulation)
    Primitive skills ( shelter building, hunting, fishing, trapping)
    Bushcrafting skills
    Martial arts ( training and weapon making)
    Constructing some basic fire arms including ammo making from household items
    Welding and metal fabrication
    Limited Veterinary and medical skill set.

    I have been working on an ever evolving self sustaining environment for about 3 years now. What I lack is others that are self minded in this area. I have tried to approach some of my neighbors. I get a positive response from them but, when I follow up ( sometimes a few months later) they have done nothing for themselves.
    I am not looking for someone to live with me, or come to here to help, or make donations. I just want a group that I know exists locally that I can stay in touch with. Perhaps get together once a month and go over plans and ideas. I am willing to train anyone in the above aforesaid areas. I do not require money for that either. I hope to learn from and form a solid group that ” we all” can rely on if we ever need.

    While I am a spiritual person I am not a bible thumper. To each their own. I have no agenda save for the will and ability to survive any situation.

    • Hi, I’m Richard and my number is xxx and on facebook look for Dick Rogers

      Edit: Phone number removed. Please review site policies.

    • Hey handy what’s your location. Maybe you aren’t as far from people as you think

    • looking to get a network started, please contact me at HaploDrevalin at mail dot com. I do not know if I have much knowledge to offer you as you have so much. But I will try my best. I am a bushcraft beginner and would enjoy picking your brain on the topic and learn some skills from you.

  4. Glad to see some more in Louisiana. I’m in Denham Springs. You can find me listed on facebook as Dick Rogers or text me at xxx. I would enjoy getting like minded people together to share experience. I go camping a lot by Krotz Springs because the WMA there has a shooting range but I also go out around Grand River where my brother has a camp. I’m studing edible and medical plants in that area also. I’m fixing to go on a long camping trip for that purpose. Anyone wanting help with working on their skills in the area feel free to contact me.

    Edit: Phone number removed. Please review site policies.

  5. So what’s your plans join a group or just get together and brush up on some handy shtf skills

  6. I thought we could all meet somewhere since we are like minded.Heidisue11 has joined me on facebook and we both post stuff. I think its beneficial because we can all exchange ideas maybe go camping to practice skills. Depending on where we are when the SHTF it would be nice to know people in other areas of the state or outside of our local area for help or a safe house for a night on the way back for our families. We all have friends around but if your like me some of them think prepping is crazy or its foolish to devote time to honing your skills. I think it would be nice having others who feel the same about prepping that you could turn to for both info and support when you have questions about different things. After all each of us may have a different way to do the same thing and the most important thing for any prepper in knowledge.

  7. I totally agree with your last statement. Well I do t have face book so this is likely my best way of communicating. But I do have friends who thinks it’s crazy, my wife included. But she knows that’s it’s something that I do to look out for her our boys in the worst case situations. But I take my oldest son who is six in the woods and loves starting fires using my fire starter. But the few friends who are into this with me are awesome. We aren’t as hardcore like some but we manage to do what we can. We have a group of about five and our families. It seems like a lot but each person brings something unique to the table. I am an electrician so what I do for a living will be a very good skill when shtf.

  8. Hi everyone, I’m 31 and have been really looking into getting started preparing and would love an off the grid homestead one day. Does anyone here know of groups near Baton Rouge LA that maybe do bugout scenarios? Maybe like meet up somewhere and go to the woods for an over nighter or something. There’s a wma west of Baton Rouge that has some woods I’ve been think of exploring, I’ve used their shooting range and stayed overnight in a tent at the camp site to do some night fishing (very peaceful) . Hope to hear from someone

    • Hi Joehulin the people you see posted here are the the only ones close by or in the area between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. I was in Denham now I’m in Port Allen starting over. the flood wiped me out. I know the WMA is Shurban near krotz springs. I camp there often and shoot when I go there sometime. They also have a bow and shotgun range too. I was going to try to put some kind of group together with everyone here but I was never able to do it. Mostly because of where I was. Everyone who has posted here is in favor of a group. We are all just spaced out from each other. Feel free to contact any of us because we all enjoy it and believe its a way of life.

    • hey there. Opiewan is right, since I been getting on this site, this vine is the only group of people near Baton Rouge. It’s been a few months since I’ve been on, I also was delisted by the flooding. But we are back on our feet. But my financial freedom to do what I enjoy has been significantly restricted by my wife. Haha. But what your wanting to do is for the most part free. And that’s my kind of practice. The group that I’ve mentioned in earlier post all lived in denham, walker and French settlement so they are all in the same situation. But I’m sure I can get them together for a good bush weekend. I work in Houston. So for me it would have to be very well planned. I can try to get this together if you would like. Just let me know.

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