Jan 282017

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hello everyone, im new to the site…..i currently have land in east tn that we are working to make a prepper community or bug out location….if anyone is honest and trustworthy and looking to get involved in a community send me a message

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  1. Just looking through the posts and spotted this.
    What size of a group are you thinking about?
    Look at my profile, I think you can see where I’m at.

    • No certain numbers, just looking to get something started with some like minded and trust worthy people

      • Hello we are the Baptiste’ family we are honest, compassionate, safe,new to prepping and hoping to meet new like minded people. We currently live in Louisiana but are willing to move to the right community if all works out. We look forward to speak with you

  2. I’m sure you have read my profile, I’m seriously looking for something out of this state for the two of us. A place that we could live and share work, gardens, animals and protection. I have all the experience and I am heavily armed.

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