Mar 132017

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New here looking to network and meet like minded people. Im a family man from west Michigan. New to the prepper side but not being outdoors.

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  1. You might want to pop over to the the associate PG prepper forum.
    (If you haven’t yet – I haven’t checked that yet.) 🙂
    It’s got a ton for new, intermediate, and even long-term folks, covers a ton of topics, and even starts discussing both prioritizing purchases and skills development to fit needs/budgets and how to prep on a budget.

  2. Welcome to the club

    Our retreat sight is located in central northern Michigan (lower peninsula) if you want to talk to fellow Michganians. HMU at…

    [email protected]

  3. I see you listed West Michigan-without giving out much info. what part of W.M. are you near-I am also from ‘west michigan’-central west to be a little closer -glad to hear from someone in the “area”

  4. Hello I’m a small time prepper wanting to see what your about it’s actually hard for me to find like minded people I’m also in the grand rapids area I’ve been prepping for about 3 years now money allowing

    • Ive been prepping on and off for a few years, same as you when money allows. Since ive joined this website ive talked to a few knowledgeable folks so far. If you wanna chat more email me at [email protected] thats a bit easier for me to check.

      • I tried to drop you a email yesterday not sure if you got it or not . I am currently emailing oldfood would like to hear from everyone ty

  5. spades2016-good to hear from a few new folks-I’m only on the computer about once or twice every week or two-but glad to chat-and yes it is hard to connect with others for good reason-no one likes a target on their back and sadly that is what we all feel-realty -there is another person in the “area” I believe in the Cadillac area-but that is not in my right to get into that-he seems to be ‘on top’ of his game-someday I am going to reach out to him myself-I believe he and I are less than 45 min from each other-good luck and deep moving ahead-it is not an instant trip

    • Yes I see that but to me it’s worth it the peace of mind I have connected with a few but they have been more along the lines of what I call blog and t.v. preppers lol sorry people I still live in the real world

  6. Mail me @ my login name plus

  7. Nobody communicate on here anymore ? Aye

  8. kwdriver, I am also new to prepping and live in GR. Welcome to the club.

    • I’m trying to learn as I go. It’s quite alot of info to process at once not gonna lie. Been making plans and saving money to try and buy a few things but, life happens lol. So back to day one for me. Oh well

  9. Hey fellas have not been here in awhile which part of gr are you im near 44th and Division im still looking for possible people to build a strong preping net work with where we actual do something once in awhile

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