Oct 032016

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I have been prepping since 2011, picking up necessities and building my emergency stocks.  My bugout strategy is strictly mobile but looking for a physical, long-term location.  Would like to connect with others to collaborate and exchange ideas.  I live in Connecticut, but can relay to other groups in New England area.

urnpendragon at gmail dot com

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  1. Hey guys my wife and I just recently joined the site. We are located in Central CT and we are starting to prep. My wife and I are going to start by being more self sufficient with chickens, large vegetable garden, canning and stocking up on canned goods. We are looking to get and share ideas with like minded folks in the region that have had success in the above mentioned areas. Glad to be here and we look forward to hearing back from people. Have a great day

    our post —-> http://www.preppergroups.com/new-to-the-group/