Feb 162019

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Hi fellow New England preppers! I have been into prepping for years now, but have recently moved to New Hampshire after 3 years in Bangkok, Thailand. Unfortunately starting over here means my family and I are not as prepped as we would like to be. Hopefully in the next few years we will build our house in Enfield, NH and really kick things into high gear. A bit about myself… I am 30 Y/O M, with a wife and young child. I am a critical care paramedic with specialty training in tactical and wilderness medicine. I also have substantial experience in disaster and emergency management. I have deployed all around the world and have practiced remote medicine in some very austere environments. I am proficient with firearms, hand-to-hand combat, sanitization, and logistics. I am also a god fearing Christian. I would love to meet other preppers in the area with similar interests and belief systems. I’d love to grow a network and exchange knowledge with fellow preppers. I believe having a strong network of fellow believers will become increasingly more important with the continuing degradation of our society and world as we know it. I’d love to hear from anyone who may be interested in sharing ideas, training, knowledge, or building a network. Contact me at jeffw412 @ aol .com


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  1. Jeff, Bob here from Connecticut, you have a great state to be in, God Blessed you and your family. We do our prepping down here, own a campsite in a campground upstate Connecticut, have camper and golf cart for another the campground. Our dog loves the camping but hates the golf cart, lol We are Christian also, we are both retired but as they say, “you can take boy out of the city, but can’t take the country out of the boy”.

  2. Hi, Jeff,
    My husband and I are in Mass, but are looking for options in NH/Maine as I am not fond of being so close to Boston and other large cities. I am a Christian, my husband is not, but he is an upstanding man of character and ethics. We are somewhat new to prepping but are not afraid of hard work. We have started our stores of food, ammo, med supplies and the like. I have a medical background and my husband is ridiculous handy (carpentry, welding, auto repair and upkeep-he rebuilds motorcycles) and is a black belt. We are both becoming familiar with firearms/weapons. We have an 18yr old daughter who is pre-med, hopefully society lasts through her schooling, she wants to be a surgeon-might come in handy. She of-course thinks we are weird for prepping. Would love to connect with other God-fearing and like minded folks. Safety in numbers as they say. Please feel free to email if you are interested in connecting rpratt76[at]gmail.com

  3. Hi Jeff,
    I’m not too far from you, Charlestown, NH. I’d be interested in meeting sometime.