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I am new to the prepping lifestyle but based upon the current atmosphere in today’s world, I believe that it is the smart course of action. I am a law enforcement officer in a fairly major New England city and have purchased a fairly large property in NH recently. As an LEO I have receive top notch training in firearms and defensive tactics- I am fortunate to have trained with many current and former special Special Forces members and have gained a great base knowledge of firearms to include rifles, shotguns and handguns, defensive and offensive maneuvers, medical training, etc and have also had the chance to practice much of this knowledge on the street. In addition, I am an outdoorsman by nature. However, I have not done much in the way of actual preparation as of yet (food storage, water storage, etc). I am looking to locate a group of like minded, sane, focused individuals who wish to plan for the potential issues that lie ahead. I believe that I could be an asset to a group and would like to share my knowledge and assist with the defensive training that would be needed in exchange for knowledge of gardening, farming and other aspects. If nothing else, a group of outdoorsman who enjoy training together would be beneficial to all of us.


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  1. What end of the state is your property located? I am in Southern Vermont not far off the NH boarder. I too, am always looking for “sane” people to learn and share from.

  2. Nightride,

    I tried to pm you earlier when you responded to my post. The oonly way that i have been able to figure out how to get to the PM area is to click on the link that the admin left just under your response to me in my post.
    Anyhow we are fairly close. I’m about 3-4 hours from southern NH. I plan on doing to training with a company that does carbine coarse’s in saco maine. Let me know what you had in mind…

  3. I live in southern NH and am looking for a group. I was a combat medic for 13 yrs, Correctional medic for 14 yrs, a Class 1 Fire Fighter for 20yrs and Forensic Treatment Specialist for 6 yrs. I was raised on a dairy farm. And fair at gardening right now I have about 2 dozen chickens. if you would like to know more just drop me a line.

    • South central NH here. jsaucier1, I am in the same boat, looking for a group. Not much activity in NH it seems.

      • Are you still interested in prepping? I have started a small group in Rindge NH. Drop me a line perhaps we can get together.

        • Still interested, and still prepping. We are in the middle of a hard patch, with a couple of family and friend deaths and a probate with no will. I am familiar with the Rindge area. Graduated from Conval and Franklin Pierce. Probate is for a property in Templeton Mass, so we pass through your area every few weeks. We are only 1.5 hours away.

          Let’s talk in a few weeks after I take care of the above issues. What’s the best way to contact you?

          smbowers70 @ gmail . com

  4. Hello there, looking for others in southeast NH AND northeast MA (rockingham and Essex county). I’m a 23yo Male, fit shape who’s been prepping for about a year. Skilled in
    – basic First Aid
    -land navigation
    -self defense and hand to hand combat
    -arms training/use
    -wilderness survival

    I have a fair amount of stored water & food. I’d prefer to meet with people who also have some supplies ready or willing to to start buying asap to compare notes and possible arrange a team plan. I have some connections to discount MREs and storage for supply. Contact me as SWILLIAM 1125 @ GMAIL . COM

  5. Hi All, my name is Riccardo and I am an italian guy permanently relocating to NH next March for work ( will rent a home in Salem NH the first year while searching a suitable property to build a home somewhere in southern NH in 2020).
    I am 42yo from Rome where I started prepping 2 years ago. Due to the mediterranean climate of Rome I learned a lot about growing vegetables and fruit and canning them to preserve the products , I work in a renewable energies company so I know a thing or two about them and I have been volunteer in Italian Red Cross for several years so I am quite skilled in first aid. Guns enthusiast , I try to train with them as much as possible (once a week more or less) both with handguns, Ar15 and long range shooting with my M1a up to 500m. For the rest I consider myself a handyman , that can do a lot of things (actually I did most of the works of plumbing , electricity and so on in the house I live now in Italy).
    So now I have to leave everything behind and start a brand new life in USA, but I want to resume as soon as possible my preparedeness and I would like to start to connect with like-minded people in the surroundings. If anyone is interested my mail is : [email protected]

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