Sep 142021

Hello, we are a married couple (both 52 yo) who have been prepping for the last 8 years.  We have good supplies of beans/bullets/bandages and many survival skills between the two of us – medical, self defense, tactical ops, food growth and preservation, small livestock handling, among others.  Although kind of rural, we are not in the best location right now, in a rental on a shared property, not nearly far enough from the hoards to feel that we can handle what we think is soon in coming.  We also know that we cannot survive alone, we need a group of like-minded people.  Would love to be back in North Idaho, but currently are in NorthEast Washington, so a group in either area would be great.  We have no financial resources for a “buy-in”, just our preps, our skills, good work ethic, and a strong belief in freedom from tyranny.  We are not “religious” but definitely believe in God’s Word about what will happen in the end times (no pre-trib beliefs here).  A vetting process from both sides is a must, but we need to get started sooner as there may not be much of a later…

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  1. Hey there

    I’m in Vancouver WA. I pretty much agree with your post. I have a strong work ethic. I’m 33. I quit drugs a while ago. I know how to build a log cabin and have tools for that. I just have skills. I was an industrial mechanic before this. Back is in good shape so I can work. Very aware of the collapse coming. My email is [email protected] thank you

  2. Hello from rocky mountain montana. If you haven’t already get in touch with me. We have stuff and are located close to wild areas in the free state of montana. One way to contact me is the easy to use proton mail or message me however. Time is short, there is a storm coming. [email protected]