May 122016

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Hi everyone just joined this forum yesterday, thanks for the add!. I am looking to build a group of like minded people with the skills and abilities to overcome anything from natural disasters, terrorist attack, dollar collapse ect.
About me.

I am 31 male who lives in Vacaville CA. I am not married and have no kids, although I do have a gf who I intend to marry in the next year or two. I am an electrician by trade and have been in the construction field my whole life. I can build or fix anything when it comes to houses, cars, trucks, motorcycles and airplanes. I have been a prepper for a few years now and it had gone from a happy to a passion. I have started a homestead where I live and raise rabbits, chickens, pigs and cows. I have also bought an airplane and started working on my pilot license. I have a decent Arsenal that is forever growing.

I have a 20 acre retreat I have been working on for a couple years in the mountains 40 miles east of Marysville CA where I spend most weekends working on the retreat and honing my shooting game and survival skills. The land is ideal for a preppers retreat with well water, huge garden, great defensive location and awesome small community of people that live in the area.

What I am looking good for.

As a good portion of my family thinks i am silly for being a prepper I am looking to build a group of about 20 people to help me run the retreat incase of SHTF scenario. I am thinking of once a month meeting for logistics, training, planning and prepping. Anyone out there who thinks they might be interested please contact me. I am so excited to get a group of people to work with. I am extremely ambitious well rounded and never quite or give up. If you are in my area and interested in what I have to offer feel free to hit me up so we can chat. Not sure how it works with giving out email or phone numbers, so comment and we will go from there

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  1. Hey! I’m down. Just joined this group today. I live in and apartment in Marin and work as a civil engineer. I’m currently working on how to build a solar back up battery. Although, funds are low at the moment. haha

  2. How can I send you my info without the entire world seeing?

    • Hello themando , on the main site page there is a tool bar on left hand side of screen (scroll passed some ads) that will have an alphabetical list of links. Click on “Private Messaging” , from there it is pretty simple. Just go “new message” and under the “To:” section of your message just enter the user name of who you are trying to message. Speaking of which I would’ve just sent this there but have only used it once and have not yet confirmed if it works 🙂

  3. In case my private messaged doesn’t reach you, I live near Marysville Ca and would be interested in getting in contact with you.

  4. Left you a private message.

  5. I’m in Sacramento, used to live in Dobbins. I am interested in talking with you. Will try messaging you.

  6. Hey brother it’s am interested my cell is *** give me call so we can figure something ideas out.

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  7. Hey brother, call me my cell is ***. I’m heavily into prepping, aware of the current climate of our state, our country and the world… Looking to join your group and work together with you and others to stay safe, alive and ready for when the SHTF.
    I live in the Eastbay( Danville). I’m 31, strong, willing to work hard and I’m a team player.


    Admin Edit: Phone number removed. Please read the site policies.

  8. Leaving another reply. I’m interested in discussing this with you. I used to live out in Dobbins. Very familiar with the area. Message me I would love to chat with you.

  9. I don’t see the private messaging option but I’m interested also. I’m in Sacramento

  10. Hi, I’m in the Marin area, used to live in vacaville, I’m interested in joining, how do I send a private message with contact info? I’m 30 single female, and have lived in survival situations in snow.

  11. Is this group still active? We too have 18 acres in the foothills of Northern California, near Marysville. We are brand new to the group, and are wondering if you got everyone in your group you were looking for. We aren’t exactly looking to relocate since we have an ideal situation with plenty of water, privacy, and excellent land … we just don’t really know how to get started. We’ve got a line on a 5,000 sq. ft. underground bunker complete with blast doors, NBR units, etc. We have a backhoe, mechanical, plumbing, concrete and some construction background as well as food and medicine for our family for a year (+). If you’ve got any suggestions to help us get started, or if you’ve gotten too many responses to your inquiry, feel free to shoot the info/people our way. Thanks

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