Nov 182021

I guess I’ll be starting up a New Group,

Looking for a few like minded fellow people with same thoughts,  I believe survival will be minimalist/mobile & night moves. We will be outmanned & out gunned, main danger will be those with thermal/night vision. With that being said as a small group of ghosts we will have the upper hand and high likelihood of survival.  Text if you may fit the bill.


[email protected]

  One Response to “North Alabama New Group”

  1. It might help if people had some way to contact you? Sounds like you need more country to dissapear into. Location, location, location.
    We are doing a backcountry retreat here in rocky mountain Montana. Gathering a wide selection of people that want to survive and thrive. We have the knowledge, equipment and paid for land.
    We also see the need to have women and children survive. An interesting hollywood movie is Defiance.