Apr 162020

Small group in north Metro DFW is looking to add vital members.  We are organized and have assigned roles but looking for more redundancy and depth to the group.  We usually meet once a month to discuss group issues and do cross training.  We also find time to head out to a range for training.  We are looking to NE Texas locations for when we need to bug out.  Reply here and we can start the vetting process.  We reserve the right to walk away and extend the same rights for you to walk away.   No financial obligations but we have expectations of you and your prepping knowledge/supplies.

  4 Responses to “North DFW group looking for more”

  1. Id be interested in learning more about your group.

  2. I would be interested and am in wise county…plz contact [email protected]

  3. Thanks! I am interested. Recently moved to DFW area. Would like to find a solid group of preparation-minded folks that realize the value of a group approach. [email protected]