Apr 162020

Small group in north Metro DFW is looking to add vital members.  We are organized and have assigned roles but looking for more redundancy and depth to the group.  We usually meet once a month to discuss group issues and do cross training.  We also find time to head out to a range for training.  We are looking to NE Texas locations for when we need to bug out.  Reply here and we can start the vetting process.  We reserve the right to walk away and extend the same rights for you to walk away.   No financial obligations but we have expectations of you and your prepping knowledge/supplies.

  22 Responses to “North DFW group looking for more”

  1. Id be interested in learning more about your group.

  2. I would be interested and am in wise county…plz contact [email protected]

    • We have a small group of seven at this time, some with spouse.
      We have been together a little under three years and are growing slowly.
      We have a temporary Bugout location as we search for a better.
      We are out of the DFW area and meet once or twice a month for training and
      range time.
      All have assigned duties and backups. Meeting include training in all areas.
      We have no experts in our group but are many jack of all trades.
      If this sounds like something that may interest you please contact me on here and we will go from there.
      Have a great day.

  3. Thanks! I am interested. Recently moved to DFW area. Would like to find a solid group of preparation-minded folks that realize the value of a group approach. [email protected]

  4. Good Afternoon –

    Please contact me in regards to your meetups and joining a group. I have a month to month spot in Pelican Bay and want to settle into a more permanent location with my gear and preps in a more remote location. Thank you.

    • Hello Amber,
      I am Ron and one of the members of our group. We are a group of seven, some with spouses. We meet/train monthly usually in Lewisville and range time in Greenville. We have a temporary BOL in northern Texas in the area of Bonham/Paris. We are looking for a more permanent location.
      We are preppers looking to be ready and continue our training in all areas but have no expertise in any.
      If you are interested in hearing more let me know and we can discuss via this
      connection and in the near future meet face to face.

      Have a good day and stay safe.

  5. I am interested as well. Please contact me.


  6. I have been prepping for several years. Mindset is right. I’m healthy, hardworking and am serious about being apart of a group rather than going it alone. I’d appreciate An opportunity to discuss, and then hopefully start the vetting process

  7. Our group now has a permanent BOL.

  8. Just moved back from Upstate NY and are looking to get connected. Would love to get introduced

  9. Hi everyone, My husband and live in Dallas have skills in gardening, home repairs, raising chickens, woodworking, and more. Would love the chance to connect with a MAG in the area and discuss possible bug out scenarios.

  10. Hello, I’m interested in being in touch in order to explore participating and would appreciate an email to pablotesm at gmail. Thanks