May 092017

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Ok All How you doing today? Looking to start a prepper group here in north East PA. No religious or political affiliations here. Ex-Military Special Forces. 17 Years. Your experience means nothing as almost anyone can be trained. Would be good to have some skills though. Communication IS a priority! Location does not matter, would prefer local area so we can have meet-ups to train and practice skills. Male, Female, Family, Straight, Gay…none of it matters. Your want to survive is……..

lancelot1373 @ yahoo

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  1. Hello:
    Where in N.E., PA are you? We’re pretty central P.A. in Northumberland. A little town near Sunbury, and about 8 miles south of Danville, PA. My husband is an ex Marine (Vietnam Veteran). We’re older and retired, but we’re still active and try to have things on hand, food, essentials, and such. We’ve kinda of gotten lax about it lately and would like to step it up again. I’m learning to handle a gun and we’ve started gardening this year.

    Let me know what kind of group you have and where you meet, and when.

    • Hello I am very interested in joining your group if you do make one. I’m a good homesteader at the moment good with first aid general care and getting better with identifying plants and using natural remedies. I live close to Bloomsburg if that helps but I am very interested in finding a group that I can blend well with and doesn’t put others down for not knowing things. I already left one in my area for that very reason so looking for another

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