Sep 282021

Looking for people who want to get a group together in north eastern Washington. Interested in those who have supplies but more about skill sets. As far as me I have a strong military background in combat arms, mechanical, medical,  built my own cabin, own my property with good soil and water. I would like to find  subject matter experts in gardening, medical, fabrication and mechanical, foraging, and hunting and fishing but open to others. I am not religious but respect those that are, not looking to start a cult or militia hahahaha. Just good people living free…..

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  1. The 4 P’s of prepping:
    People [at best a tribe; at least a family]
    Place [remote away from other people]
    Possessions [step down supplies; this ain’t gonna end soon]
    Psychology [skills, abilities, philosophy, & emotions]

    Much of NE WA is a no-go. If you understand what the Columbia Basin represents then you understand that Stevens, Pend Oreille, & Spokane counties are extremely hazardous.

    Seed saving can be tricky. Have proved out [3 yr process] potatoes from my own seed [not seed potato; potato seed] and garlic from my own bulbils.

    How to salvage rancid brown rice…

    Decision making processes for a group…

    The only future is in the children.

    Don’t forget the salt.

    Still lookin’ [not for militia types] after all these years,

  2. I’m in the area, and for several reasons won’t be able to bug out to another location. So, I’ve been developing a plan to hunker down, which includes rain harvesting, gardening, creating an apothecary, etc.
    I’m not an expert in anything, but a jack-of-all-trades, so to speak. The hope is to begin beekeeping, and build on food storage/prep (dehydration, smoking, drying, canning, fermenting). Our chickens/ducks and nearby animals/birds will be our main source of protein aside from the garden and foraging.
    I am always looking for long term sustainable ideas, especially for generations beyond our own, as my kids will have to learn to live off what is available after I’m gone if SHTF.
    Good to know you’re out there!