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It seems all the posts for Florida are very old posts. Are there no more preppers in these areas?

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  1. I am very interested in learning more. I am a mature, hard working, independent woman who grew up on a working cattle farm and loved it. I actually thrive when there are jobs to be done. Are there any locations in middle Georgia?

  2. I’m wondering the same thing @mhthrift.

    • Hour s.e. wrafb

      • What does that mean??

        • He/She is an hour southeast of Warner Robbins Air Force Base – They’re providing you with a safely vague but reasonably specific location as another GA-FL prepper.

          Since they’re an hour further south than WR AFB, they may be a little out of your intended range on the northern side, or, if you’re S. GA instead of N. FL, may be close enough or on the verge for reasonable contact.


          • Thank you Pup, for decoding that for me.

            @mhthrift it sounds like @pg3a17 may be more in your area.


  3. Good day form the Savannah GA area,

    Yes we prep; however, I find that some of the people I meet have the wrong ideas of what this is all about. Helping each other, family, friends and country, where they think it all about them (take what other people have). So yes, we prep, we are an team of many but we don’t know who or where anybody else is, I guess some of us get over cautious because when we get to know somebody we may like what we see. Maybe its just me, but we cant do this by ourselves.

  4. I’m in the NW Florida area, Bay County .

    • Hi gmuzy,

      Nice to know there are other Floridians with the right mindset.

      • how are u holding up? with all this the is going on right now , they finally closed the beaches here for only 7 days. I don’t have to many people the think like us around, I seen lots of coworker & neighbors are needing stuff but I can not take the chance of me running low my self and the sad thing is I have been telling them for year but they all thought we were Crazy .

        • No the sheeple have been warned and warned. It is not our responsibility to save them. My kids don’t think I’m so crazy anymore.

          • yes you are right specially now, I just got news the we have the first case in Bay County and it’s not even a residence of our area it’s someone from Texas.

  5. I been here for a long time but apparently everyone already has a place of their own, a place to go or simply not interested in my area.
    I’m in the NE part of Ga. between Athens and Augusta.

  6. I live in FLORIDA and I am looking to group up with serious preppers before the SHTF soon. I live with my 85yr old mother-2dogs and cat. We are fixing to sale our home and live out in grid with serious preppers. The Vaccine with Chip is coming soon.With FORCED VACCINATION. That is the mark of the beast 666. Let me know if your still looking to live among others . I am interested. EMAIL [email protected]