Oct 172021

Looking for prepper group north of KC.  I am near Smithville Lake and have survival supplies.

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  1. We are a bit NE of you, off 36. We are not a group but are open to discussion on starting one.

    • You still looking for people?

    • Hi, are you still looking for people to join? I’m located in smithville, I have my own preps that I won’t get into until we’ve talked more than once and get to know each other first. Nothing against you just commsec! I’m interested in finding a group near me here. These times are getting more worrying by the day and you can’t survive it alone.

  2. Hello, I have military experience and am open to joining, you can reach me at [email protected]

    • Hi. Sorry for the delay in responding. Been busy. I have not heard from the original poster here in a few weeks. Not sure of her status. We, personally, are wanting a network of people to share knowledge, skills, etc., to share a mutual plan for survival should the SHTF bad. For more secure discussion I have a Protonmail account. [email protected]