Sep 252016

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I am looking for like minded peppers to hook up with.  I am a strong Christian with medical background.  I have been prepping for about 6 years.  Let’s talk

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  1. Hello Mushroom, Post18guy here.

    I am in the Willamette Valley i chair a small’ish group that is centered in the Willamette Valley; although i have interested folks from Lincoln County participating of late.

    If you are interested my website which requires joining the page to access is

    If you use the same screen name i will know to look for you and push the approval through faster.

    A few notes about us though; we are a diverse group of folks with similar interests some of whom are interested in prepping, camping, defensive skills etc and our monthly meetings and activities reflect that, We are not politically active nor are we a militia organization.

    hope this helps