Jan 262021

We are a small group in North Metro DFW looking to add vital members.  We are organized and have assigned roles but are looking for redundancy and depth to the group.  We usually meet once a month to discuss group issues and do cross training (skills and knowledge).  We also find time to head out to the range for training; however, we are NOT looking for ‘guns & ammo’ type of preppers.  We are focused on surviving.  We have a BOL location and are developing plans to beef it up for any eventual evacuation/strategic relocation regardless of reason.  

We reserve the right to walk away and extend the same rights for you to walk away.  We had one group member who recently left of his own accord. He accepted a role in the group but did not complete or accomplish any task or request made of him.  This happens.  We are serious about role ownership.  You may be asked to do something you are not comfortable with….we are looking for people that will lean into the challenge, learn, grow, become competent then teach/instruct/present to the group so we are all more educated.  That’s our model.  There is too much to learn for everyone to be an expert in everything.  We assign Primary and Secondary roles. Learning never stops with us.

Reply here and we can start the vetting process.  No financial obligations but we have expectations of you and your prepping knowledge/supplies.  

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  1. Just getting started. Looking for a group to learn from and contribute whatever I can. I’m a former police officer. I’m familiar with security and guns but not a gun freak.

    • Hello Parker,
      Sorry for the long delay in responding. The forwarding did not work as in the past.

      Good to hear you are beginning the steps for preparing for shaky future.

      I would enjoy hearing from you as to what you are looking for in a group and what
      you can contribute. We are a group of people who are learning and practicing for whatever may come our way.
      If you are still interested in exploring a group please contact me at the below.
      We can discuss some on email with a near future face to face.
      [email protected]

      Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Testing for notification.

  3. We live in Arlington, TX. I have gardening, foraging and animal husbandry skills; my grandparents were preppers and taught me to make a fire without matches and survive off the land. Living in an urban area has softened me a bit, but I still maintain a small garden and know how to find edible plants in the wild.

    Hubby and I are looking for a group. We’ve got about 6 months worth of food/water stored up for an emergency. When snow storms hit we were helping our neighbors. My husband is a former trained commission security officer.

    Would love to contribute however we can. We are setup for urban “bug-in’ situations but would love a bug-out option. [email protected]

  4. Hello,

    My wife and I are seeking like minded people who are serious about preparing for the times ahead. We have been preparing ourselves to some degree,our heart is to share our gift’s and talent’s, with other’s in a community environment.

    We own an RV and are mobile to travel anywhere.

    Please reach out when you have time,…here is my personal email,…[email protected]

    We are currently located in the Lubbock, Texas area.

    Any information that you can share would be extremely appreciated.

    We are both retired, and serious about finding a safe haven, and/or community of like minded folks,….thank you for your time.

    Kelly R.

  5. Looking to join like-minded friends to share our gifts and help each other out in the coming days. Please contact me to see if we could be a fit! [email protected].