Jan 182020

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Will join or start a “local” group if I can link up with anyone in this area.  Southern TN is “local” as is Huntsville, Lake Guntersville, Stephenson, Gurly, and the general area.

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  1. We have a group in Linden Tennessee if you are interested. We meet the first Saturday of the month.

  2. I’m not part of a fancy group or anything, but I was looking to meet some like minded people in the same area. I’m in southern TN, but may be looking for some land in Alabama in the near future.

    • I’m not in a group and really am a beginner prepper, but I’m interested in learning as much as I can and joining with like minded people in the AL or TN area

  3. Sorry for the late reply. I am not always around intetnet. Saturday February 1at at 1 p.m. .. Location will be Loyds ln. Linden Tn.
    The class starts at 2 . 1 is when the potluck starts.

  4. We’re new to the Huntsville area and should be in our new house in a few months. After that, I’ll be looking to start or join a group.