Jan 182020

Will join or start a “local” group if I can link up with anyone in this area.  Southern TN is “local” as is Huntsville, Lake Guntersville, Stephenson, Gurly, and the general area.

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  1. We have a group in Linden Tennessee if you are interested. We meet the first Saturday of the month.

  2. I’m not part of a fancy group or anything, but I was looking to meet some like minded people in the same area. I’m in southern TN, but may be looking for some land in Alabama in the near future.

  3. Sorry for the late reply. I am not always around intetnet. Saturday February 1at at 1 p.m. .. Location will be Loyds ln. Linden Tn.
    The class starts at 2 . 1 is when the potluck starts.