Jan 092017

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Hello everyone I am from a small village named Benton, I grew up on a working farm.  I served in the US Army Corp of Engineers with two combat deployments.  I am a former Sherriff’s deputy in Columbia county.  I am an electrician by trade and my military occupational specialty.  I owned a successful fitness center and general contracting company for twelve years.  I am seeking other prepper’s of various degrees of competency, abilities, etc…as I’ve only been prepping for a little over a year.  I am a very detail oriented person, with above average communication skills.  If you are in the geographical area’s in the heading (especially if you own land already) I would ask that you email me so that we may network and potentially create a self-sustaining community to begin again with the rebuilding of community and state after a S.H.T.F. incident.  Thanks for your time and consideration!  84thEngineers at gmail dot com.

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