Aug 162020

it’s coming apart at the seams.. anyone now can see. We need to get ready.. gf and I have preps.. some training.. some skills.. suv and small trailer.. just trying to get a sense of what’s around here. Seems the coolaid is really strong here and there is a real deficiency of free thinking people in the bay area. Need to meet some like minded folks, even if to just share ideas and offer moral support. California is a big state and I know it can be hard to get within an hour of anyone.

  3 Responses to “Northern California”

  1. Yep….Calizuela is the Land of the Clueless, for the most part. Whereabouts are you in NorCal? My wife and I are in Merced, in the Central Valley.

  2. We live in the Bay Area. I agree people do seem to be sheep here but I believe that’s everywhere. As a beginner prepper of a few years, I don’t find it beneficial to advertise prepping. We would like to find like minded people. Currently looking for good bug out sheltering areas.

  3. I left SF for Washington state after 5 years right before Covid. Visited SF 2 months ago and am very much in buy land and make friends with the right people mode. Klamath Falls, OR, anyone? Northern CA/Oregon border.