Jul 192016

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looking for a group of people who are in preparation to protect thier families as well as strive to be as self sustaining as possible.

i am a water distribution,  treatment operator.

IT geek as well.

background in outdoors.

have much more to share and offer, but believe in being discreet 😉

hope to hear from you (not sure how to be discrete online) !

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  1. “not sure how to be discrete online”
    Treat it like you would meeting a stranger in person and having the conversation broadcast over the PA system at every store in the country.
    Use PM systems, “drop” emails and cell phones created/purchased just for that reason, and don’t hand out phone numbers that can be traced to an address.

    Avoid giving out tons of information like workplace, children’s schools and names, full names and lists of supplies, etc., until you trust the person enough to have them randomly show up and trust them with your grandmother’s and children’s well-being.

    Meet in pubic places that you’re familiar with, but that can offer a zone of privacy so you can find out if your thoughts and goals align (parks, McD’s playgrounds, some rest stops).
    You may want to avoid places you’re well known or might hit somebody you know in case the person you’re speaking to isn’t discreet about smoothly transitioning a conversation to another topic, unless you want your political and preparedness discussions to become public.

    Once you find out if you even get on well enough to pursue something further, then you can test out their public abilities somewhere.

    You might also join the same forums so you can see the way they handle disagreements and treat people in today’s low-stress situations and when words have to be typed and submitted, not just aired.

    Good luck!
    Pup / Admin

  2. sir thanks for your interest in our group,acctivities i spend my timr between my home in santa clara and ranch retreat in livermoee hills. why dont you just e mail me your phone no. and best time to contact you. best billy dixon

  3. I live in northern California as well and I am a veteran and like minded .have you started a group yet ?

  4. I know your post is two years old, but I have just joined this site and I’m scouring through old posts looking to find a group in the central valley. I don’t know how you have progressed on your journey in these last two years, but my family are like-minded and we are in the Turlock Merced and Mariposa areas. If you have any interest please message me.