Jun 292020

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Looking for like minded preppers above the 45th on the sunrise side….
Folks, It’s time to form a solid group! Things are not gonna get any better!

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  1. Hi…presque isle county here…

  2. I live in Midland County but have place on Ocqueoc Lake.

  3. Montmorency County Here

  4. We need a meetup….
    Would be nice to start a MAG

  5. We have an established group and retreat sight in Oscoda County. If interested…

    [email protected]

  6. We are in northern WI near the UP border. Will that work? diana4177 at Yahoo dot com.

  7. Have you folk looked at American Contingency? https://americancontingency.locals.com or watch First Video Entry American Contingency on YouTube,

  8. Hello,

    I am in Northern lower Michigan also. I know I’m replying a bit late because I just became aware of this site. However, I was wondering if you have formed a group yet?

  9. I just found this site and I live in lower north east Michigan. I would like to know if there are any prepper groups or meetings that have been set up near Alpena area?

    • Hello Connie, I think there are people that are interested in forming groups, but I don’t hear about many actual prepper groups other than militias. I am seeking a prepper group that is not a militia first and prepper group second.

  10. I am along the 44th parallel in Gladwin county. I am seeking a prepper group that is not a militia first and prepper group second.

    • I have tried to get interest in a prepped group. No real interest. Hi Connie,
      I am near Atlanta area

      • Sorry meant prepper stupid spell check!

        • That’s too bad Connie. I think there is interest, but there are lots of overwhelmed people…not knowing how to get started.My wife and I have been prepping for …oh…going on three years I think. We divided responsibilities between us, but there is just so much to do as I sure you are aware.

          • Sorry, I didn’t mean Connie. I meant G2. LOL. My brain is still recovering from my workout this morning. πŸ™‚

  11. We’ve been at it for a long time. I think folks are either to lazy or to scared to admit they are preppers. I spoke to a guy on another forum who said he was not interested in a group. He would worry about it when SHTF. I explained, If I don’t know you before SHTF, I’m definitely not interested in knowing you after when you need my help! Relationships/Trust needs to be built before hand. When you can work together for mutual benefit and survivability. I want to know the guy or gal who’s got my back not worry about it later.
    So, if folks are so stupid as to believe that have to hide out and not work together, then so be it!

    • Are you interested in talking further? We are in Gladwin area about 30% of our time. I may be up for a low key 1 on 1 conversation as long as we keep an open mind. Part of my duties are to expand our network since I’m a people person, and this wold be my first attempt to openly discuss such things with a person I don’t know, but I’m willing to get it a chance. Let me know. We can work out something.

      • Thanks but don’t see the point. Gladwin is way to far from us to do any meaningful joint activities. If you were closer to where it would be beneficial for us both that would be different.

    • Yes I’m with you 100% we need to be ready before SHTF and organize. There is power in numbers

  12. I live in Southeastern Michigan but have most of my food and preps in a storage unit in Otsego County, looking to move up there before SHTF and join with other like minded preppers already living and established in Northern Lower Michigan. U.S. Navy Vet, Single and in excellent health. Contact me at [email protected] if interested.

  13. Antrim county michigan here. generational, experienced, and knowledgeable. we have property and looking for like minded people to join our MAG homestead. campers or tiny homes welcome. Or looking for local prepped families for join forces with.

  14. Wexford county, we need to group and organize

  15. Montmorency County”Β¦.
    Part of our preparedness involves Backpacking. Helps keep you in shape, practice skills and is a good way to explore the area’s around you. Just a suggestion to get you thinking”Β¦.

  16. FYI, we continue backpacking through the winter”Β¦Γ°ΕΈΛœβ€°