May 162020

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Please reply if interested for details.  This home has 6 bedrooms, 1 nursery huge country kitchen, is log sided, has wood and gas heat, well, and septic system.  There is a new pole barn that has in floor heating in concrete flooring (wood fired), a 2nd floor and is fully insulated with solar panels.  The pole barn was made as a large workshop with an office and bathroom.  There are existing gardens for vegetables and fruit trees.  There is an animal barn for horses and cattle, a pond for them. There is a large chicken coup with a large fenced in area for the chickens.  There is a woof shed with cut wood.  There are other out buildings as well.  It sits on 9 acres in an township that is not zoned.  Best of all there is a prepper group and other preppers in the immediate area.  The setting is very rural with mostly family sized farms and ranches plus it is within an existing Amish community.  This home was owned by an Amish family but has had electricity added.  Population density is very low (9 K for the entire county), there are no freeways or cities nearby.  They’re asking $160 K.  We’d love to see preppers move in.

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  1. We may be interested in your property, but have a couple of questions first. Where in N. MI are you located, above or below the bridge? What sort of growing season do you have, in other words, how short is it usually and what sort of crops do well there? You mentioned a pond, I’m assuming it’s spring fed correct? How are the zoning laws there? You mentioned “several other buildings”, what sort of other buildings? 9 acres is fine, is it all open field or are there woods also? Finally, depending on your answers would we be able to visit this spring? You can reach me back at [email protected] My name is Keith.

  2. Sounds nice, I would like to have an idea of where this is. I currently have 10 acres in central michigan with a homestead now but I am now looking for a place up north to add as a bug out location/cottage

  3. It’s in Oscoda County and though it’s not in town it has a Mio mailing address (it’s a little less than 10 miles out of town). This area is recreational and almost half of the houses and cabins here belong to snowbirds that fly the coup every winter and return every summer.

  4. If the property is still available, I’d like to get more information. I had family in Lincoln and Oscoda is around where we are looking.