Nov 102020

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Christian homesteading/ preppers in North Central Ontario.  We are looking to connect with other preppers and given the right circumstances, maybe more.


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  1. Hi, my family is currently prepping to go off grid and are looking for like minded people. I’d be curious to know what you’re searching for and what plans you’re going ahead with. Feel free to contact me via email.. [email protected]

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    • In light of recent events I’ve been thinking about starting a survival/prepper network. I believe having a local network of people who each have their own set of skills and resources is a great fail safe.
      I am also located in North Central Ontario and would like to connect, please feel welcomed to send me an email – [email protected]

  2. Im looking for 100 acre hunt camp or old farm in New Liskard or North Bay area. Do you have property yet? I want to start moving , building ,prepping from south Ont.
    Missed a nice place in Powassan this weekend. Do you have a group formed yet.

  3. Hello all,
    Benji my dog and I are near Restoule Ontario. Looking for others to share my land. There is 35 acres in hunting land, artesian well, two ponds, lake across the street.
    [email protected]

    • Hi Dorothy
      Im eager to move to an area of other preppers.I have tons of stuff to move.Sounds like you have a nice place.I have built six prototype prepper places at my home and wish to get settled up north.Please elaborate.

    • Hi Dorothy,
      My family has been prepping as city dwellers can for a number of years but are now interested in becoming more off grid. Just starting to look at getting acquainted with other like minded people. We are about 3 hours away from you.

    • Hi just signed up today looking for like minded people to form a community of sorts , this is an older post im replying to dont know if youre still on here

  4. Hi Paul, yes call me 705-729-5716

  5. Hi Northern Ontario,
    We are a Christian family of four in the central/eastern Ontario area. We have been city preppers for years now but are interested in getting involved in a more organized and rural form of prepping. Just starting to look for like minded people.