Feb 272018

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Hello, we are looking for families or individuals to join our group.

We are offering a safe location to retreat to in the event of a crisis in exchange for help with security and everyday tasks.

We have housing infrastructure in place for around 20-25 members on roughly 50 acres with gardens, orchard, chickens, off-grid power, defensive positions and back up water sources. Everything is setup and ready to go. There is also a written contract in place to protect everyone’s interests.

Our members our expected to have at least a year supply of food, other supplies, personal defense and ammo. New members are given a timeline to acquire food and supplies to be fair to existing members. Everyone must be an asset and not a liability.

We prep for anything that might make cause for martial law.  (Financial collapse, cyber-attack, epidemic, war, EMP, Carrington Event, Cascadia earthquake or New Madrid.)

Please reply only if you live or are willing to move to within roughly 75 miles of Sandpoint, ID.

We don’t meet in person right away, only after learning more about each other first through emails.

If you would like to contact us we prefer if you use an encrypted email address such as Protonmail or Hushmail just for a little more security.

If you are interested you can email us at js47783 [at] protonmail [dot] com

Look forward to hearing from you.

  3 Responses to “Northwest Redoubt and surrounding areas”

  1. Email sent. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

    • Sent you a reply.

    • Thanks for your reply, I am interested in contacting others with a like mind on prepping. Also looking to learn more about prepping as off grid and a whole overall living style and skills. I am a licensed ham radio operator and trained in disaster preparation. I am in the process of building a bug out van (and for boondocking in the back country). I live full time in my 27′ Shasta and volunteer as a host. My husband passed away in 1995 so I am a widow but can and do live on my own. I welded for the Military for almost 30 years, so I can fabricate about anything from steel or aluminum. My father owned a job shop in Maine so I grew up in a machine shop, welding and machining. I hope I will be up in the NW by next spring, hopefully I will have the van build done by September so I will be on the road and checking out the different areas on the west coast and NW. I look forward to meeting with other like minded people, I look forward to meeting and talking to you.
      Thanks Kat

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