Jul 152019

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Hi Everyone! I’m Tracy and have been living in MA for ~2 years. I did have a bunch of pantry food and supplies stored but due to a flood in my building I lost it all. So I’m starting over and would like to find people to share advice, wisdom, learn new things and, hopefully, meetup in a group format for learning and discussion.

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  1. Hello Tracy, my name is John. My wife Deb and I have been preppers for a couple of years now in RI. Let me rephrase that….I have been a prepper and my wife has put up with it. We are not off the grid radical preppers (although I would like to be) but rather we are prepping to bug in come any serious situation. I would love to chat more. My e-mail is [email protected]….drop me a line and we’ll share notes….Thanks

    • Hi, John,
      My husband and I are in SE Mass, minutes from RI. I have a prepper mind set to the chagrin of my 18yr daughter (future doctor-(she is premed)which will come in handy) and to the tolerance of my practical husband.-who would be off-grid I think if I agreed. I would love to connect with both you and Tracy. Please email me if you are interested [email protected]