Sep 222018

I have read a lot of people posting here as off the grid and such, but if you own land and are basing your group from there you are not off the grid. Off the grid means having the skills to pack up and go where no one knows where you are. no paper trail from land tax, land purchasing, etc.

Being able to move around quickly and efficiently is a hard skill to learn. Quickly building a shelter for the conditions you are dealing with is more work than most people think. I am ex military, trained in avoiding people. I think people who prepare their prep and store it at their home are none to bright. Martial Law gets declared and you not allowed to drive you are totally bollocked cause you cant tote it around. Looking for a few people who understand this. I have scouted several locations throughout the spring and summer. finding sites where you can get access to clean water is getting more difficult. anyways if anyone has any similar ideas hit me up

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  1. what state do you want this post listed under? (so people can respond accordingly)

  2. living off the grid and going off the grid mean different things what you are talking about is going off the grid to avoid debtors, law, ect..

    living off the grid is just living on your own land self sustained no connection to any utilities other then possibly internet.

    stealth camping does sound like fun though and bushcraft.

  3. Hello there, from Montana. I son’t need to know anything about you in the open but give me a shout at [email protected] Got water.