Aug 112020

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Starting a group for preppers only, a family protection group if you will. Must be prepared to some extent. Located along the Ohio river. Reply to this post of interested.

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  1. I am prior military (although a bit out-of-training). I have a family of 3. I have some equipment, food/supplies, and weaponry. Still stockpiling!!! Looking for a safe-haven. Willing to share and provide aggressive defense and security.

  2. Single male located in lower WV, preparing to bug out after what the lord has been showing me about this countries future, would potentially be interested in working with you if things are good, I’m no expert in anything but I have basic outdoor survival knowledge and will bring lots of survival supplies for at least a couple months in the spring and summer months, I would best be an addition to a group that already has a safe heaven to evacuate to as I don’t have the financial means to buy or build property at the moment.

  3. I’m interested I have background in engineering, chemistry degree and EMT Intermediate certified email [email protected] if interested