Apr 042021

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Openings at Survival Sanctuary near Mt. St. Helens, SW Washington/NW Oregon

We are a little private Sanctuary in the foothills of Mt. St. Helens, east of Kelso, WA. House at 300′ elevation, 5 forested acres (alder, maple, cedar, fir, blackberries), directly adjacent to millions of acres of uninhabited forest land where we can freely roam (deer, elk, coyote, cougar) We are edge-of-the-wilderness based, not city, town, or farm-based, although we grow a large garden.

We plan to keep the Team small for many reasons, including that our fallout shelter only holds 6. We are prepared for nuclear war, (actual) disease plague (by self-isolation), climate disruption (although our weakness is forest fire), and general financial/commercial/political collapse (by self-sufficiency). We are also in fairly good shape for most Black Swans (earthquake, etc.) The Sanctuary is prepared to make the transition to complete self-sufficiency if necessary (gardening, hunting, fishing, herbal medicine).

Current members include a mental-health therapist, a mechanical engineer, a medical pathology assistant, and a plant nursery worker. We have many other skills among us.

In new people, we are more interested in maturity and good values than any certain skills, but you must be fairly well educated (for your age), open to learning, and willing to teach what you know. Emotional stability, intelligence, patience, respect, cooperation, and intuition are highly valued. We are NOT interested in control freaks, politicians, chatter boxes, or the judgmental, impulsive, lazy, or defensive.

Good health and mobility, and strong immune systems, are necessary. No drug dependencies (including recreational), significant food allergies, or claustrophobia. Politics and religion must be kept strictly personal. No costs (other than your own gear), but you must have transportation to get here (unless very close).

The Sanctuary may or may not be a residential situation for new members during normal times. For some members, it is a retreat location where we gather to explore, work, learn, and play. All members stay ready to dash to the Sanctuary if/when necessary. We have 2 openings, suitable for individuals, a couple, or parent and youth. We would only consider youth who are capable of grown-up behavior whenever it is needed (minimum age about 8).

The Sanctuary is strictly private, not associated with any government, business, or religion. At all times we operate completely in “family” mode, never in “landlord-tenant” mode. We will keep all communications confidential. Write to zimindrixli at the mail service that is a cheer of success or discovery.

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  1. just saw your post: will you email ma at [email protected] to get in touch? Not sure how to message you privately here through this website. Thk

  2. just saw your post: will you email ma at [email protected] to get in touch? Not sure how to message you privately here through this website.

  3. I’m a mechanical engineer (UW GRAD) with some civil experience. I have some great ideas on how to do a better bunker home. I also have a solar business and manufacture very large Lifepo4 battery banks. I’d be interested in organizing and planning. I have a very broad knowledge base. I have done structural, aerospace tooling, HVAC, some electrical, machine design, solar system design etc. I also have experience gardening, know about permaculture etc.

  4. Hi

    I’m in Vancouver, WA.

    Ive got half a year of food, tools and knowledge to build a log cabin, camp supplies, a pistol, bulletproof vest, concealed permit, and hunting supplies.

    More than that, I am prepared physically and mentally. I’m 33 in competitive athletic shape. I have been practicing marine style drills for 3 months, martial arts, low visibility, eating and sleep deprivation. I have been drug free all summer.

    I have experience as an industrial mechanic. I am trainable and willing to train what I know. I can work with electric. Gears, sprockets, pumps piping. I can work an oxyacetylene torch or a copper feed welder with dimestack welds. Experience with operating a fork lift, caterpillar tractor, heavy machinery in general.

    I can be contacted at 360 518 2401
    Email: [email protected]

    Thank you,