Dec 312018

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i am looking for like minded (beginner) peppers to meet up, exchange ideas, share resources, share tips and tricks. I am currently located in Orange County CA

I see a lot of people doing the right thing, prepping smartly and carefully.

What i don’t see is people joining forces. I see different strengths in different cities, one person has army training, another has water source, Another has unlimited food resources etc….Combining brain cells and resources would mean you/we would have an abundance of ALL resources and a 24/7 support group in a helpful giving community which all give you peace of mind. If anyone is looking for the same, write me a PM.

Willing to relocate

Thanks for reading this post.

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  1. Hi there, have you found any groups yet? I think it is important to build a community of like minded preppers. When the SHTF, I think being a lone wolf or lone family, the odds of survival are much less. I do have a lot of resources, less training (but some), and looking to join and/or build a community. My family and I are located in South Orange Count area, in CA.

  2. Just found this page. countsdj, did you get any feedback on a group in the south OC?

  3. Not sure I’ve been getting notifications of my original post. Anyone want to talk about what we can bring to the table? I’ve got a lot of resources, land, supplies, some training, but need more like minded people with special skills or willingness to help. Should we share some contact details at some point? Lmk if interested in discussing the combining of resources.