Dec 312018


i am looking for like minded (beginner) peppers to meet up, exchange ideas, share resources, share tips and tricks. I am currently located in Orange County CA

I see a lot of people doing the right thing, prepping smartly and carefully.

What i don’t see is people joining forces. I see different strengths in different cities, one person has army training, another has water source, Another has unlimited food resources etc….Combining brain cells and resources would mean you/we would have an abundance of ALL resources and a 24/7 support group in a helpful giving community which all give you peace of mind. If anyone is looking for the same, write me a PM.

Willing to relocate

Thanks for reading this post.

  3 Responses to “Orange County CA prepper”

  1. Hi there, have you found any groups yet? I think it is important to build a community of like minded preppers. When the SHTF, I think being a lone wolf or lone family, the odds of survival are much less. I do have a lot of resources, less training (but some), and looking to join and/or build a community. My family and I are located in South Orange Count area, in CA.

  2. Just found this page. countsdj, did you get any feedback on a group in the south OC?