May 312016

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Grey is good. Getting “noticed” by the authorities is bad.  These simple precepts are the basis for our approach to prepping.

Sustainability is good. What are you gonna eat when the freeze dried food runs out?  You better have the land and the skills to raise your own food.

Being a helpful neighbor is good.  A volunteer firefighter or medic is someone people are happy to see show up.

Rural is good. Having responded to many disaster areas, the rural folks always seem to fare better than those trapped in the cities.

Now to the heart of the matter. There are many preppers I have met that I would not like to share lunch with much less WROL.  From the habitual criminal to the paranoid delusional I have met them all.  I know that there have to be a few individuals out there that are concerned about possibilities, that understand that complex systems can fall apart, and want to take rational action with rational people.  Give us a try.

  7 Responses to “Oregon Grey Group”

  1. I’m also looking to connect with sane people. Would like to be able to learn from each other. I’m in the southern part of Oregon.

  2. Sounds good you can email me at [email protected] unless you have another form of communication.

  3. My wife and I live in the city and can’t get out yet. We have tried talking to some people and get a lot of the “nothing is going to happen” or “the aliens are doing it”. We are looking for people to talk with about prepping and thriving. We focus on any kind of disaster (losing your job, earthquake, whatever). Would like to trade strategies/ideas. We are in the Lane Co. area.

  4. 10koyote,

    I just got on this forum. I have been prepping for a couple years now and could use some feedback on what we are doing. We’re in Jackson County and wondered if you have a group that meets regularly. Face to face discussion groups work best in my opinion. We’ve tried networking with others here but they didn’t get serious about prepping.

  5. We would be interested in chatting. Umatilla county Harney county OR.