May 222016

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As a member of a disaster response team  I see every year how woefully unprepared most Americans are for anything but life as usual.  We believe that any number of events can stress the system to the breaking point and that it is up to us, not the government, to personally prepare.

We are looking for individuals who would be interested in sharing skills with the goal of forming a mutual assistance group. We are quiet people who live a rural and self reliant life.  Haters, conspiracy freaks and militia types, please don’t waste our or your time.

Chatting on line, then by phone with the eventual goal of a face to face meeting on neutral ground is our usual approach to meeting like minded folks. Once to that point, we will do a background check as a security measure. Just being up front about it as some folks tend to forget about the time they spent in prison or that the IRS is looking for them. Hope to hear from a few good “grey” men and women.

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  1. Hi, I am new to this forum. My family and I are looking to meet some preppers in Oregon, we live near Bend. We are looking for a group who has children involved in the prepping, as this is a big topic in our house hold. Would love to chat with you and see if the fit is mutual