Jul 122020

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Looking to JOIN a small group (not big compounds), or make one with others who are looking currently.  I am in KC, MO area now, and need / want to leave for a rural more sustainable, self-reliant lifestyle for both physical and spiritual reasons.

Me;  53, Registered nurse with experience in Trauma ICU, periop/sedation, college teaching Med-Surg.  ISFJ-A defender personality, genius IQ, extremely calm and better under stress/trauma/assume leadership in these situations.   I’m “battleground proven” based on events in adult life,  for managing long-term fight/flight situations, and for protection of self and others.  But those events dealing with my ex,  also left me with not a lot of capital.  I do have a fair to good amount of preps in all areas, some areas stronger than others.

My single daughters are 20 and 23 (oldest is also RN, Peds, but with adult experience working in nursing school).

Physically healthy and strong for my age, capable of hard labor (although soreness is more than when I was 20s, lol).  Taught self home-keeping skills such as drywall, power tools, tilework, hanging lights/fans, pull/install toilet, etc., so figure I am a quick learn and teachable for more off-grid living skills.

Interests of course, are medical, including learning to use plants/botany, water (having backup sources, clean, storage, etc.), amateur radio (want to learn, bought SSB radios, have access to HAM), hubandry (never done it, but a natural healer, all animals love me), want to learn butchering, aquaponics, wallpini (did I spell that right; earth contact greenhouse for year round growing).

I have a LOT of knowledge of the globalists plan, and can read their symbology and numerology as well (for the most part); knowing the enemy helps be defensive, anticipate how it may affect your life.  My extended family are Christian believers in Missouri, but are not reading the signs of the times, nor seem to understand exactly what a SHTF scenario is going to really be like.  That said, I don’t think I can trust them to respond and/or act appropriately, and definitely not for planning.  So looking elsewhere.

I could free up a little capital for cheap property, especially if going in with a few others.  I figure a group of about 6-8 is more ideal than a huge group.  Can always make MAGs for others things/help.  Considering we are all females (but capable), would want healthy real men in the group.

South Central MO sounds ideal (but east of the Springfield/Branson/Rogers/Bentonville area), or northern AR just below it.  Would also consider west central AR someways south of Rogers/Fayetteville area.  Eastern KS is possible as long as it’s not too close to military bases, as there is water (as in a real spring, not just wet weather; water is always a problem in KS; one side of my family hails from there for generations, so I know).

I am open to join a group, or start one (but quickly, as winter will be  here before you know, as will a further declining economy and I need to unload a mortgage here; hopefully, that will be okay as there are bidding wars in my neck of the woods right now).


pax join with familia  over at the yoohoo place


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  1. This was what I was trying to do 2 years back. No one would believe me. But I had soo much interest. I had the perfect site. It was 100 acres, which was rare and I knew the company. I had permission to do this. I have plans drawn up and still dream. The mortgage on that one back then was only about $800 a month. I was doing the same thing. Core members. They are the fathers and decision makers. Bare land. Everyone wanted to and excuses I could not pay. If you want something, you must work. And asking $400-500 a piece was nothing. Rent costs more than that! I had the down payments also. We have to buy stuff, build stuff, pay mortage. We would own together! we work our jobs and we would have our chores list each week. The down payment together would have secured our future right now. 100 acres was a gold mine to sit on and take our time and build an amazing community.

    I am heading back to get out of Arizona. I was here for mom to help out as my step dad passed. Now everything is happeneing.

    As a woman alone, I decide to hell with it. I will do it alone. I need to survive. MO is perfect and you have to watch your elevation for the earthquake and everything else.

    I mean you should see to a tee what I have drawn up. I had this many doctors, this many cooks, this many gardeners. We all must learn a skill. We all must learn to shoot. We protect ourselves. Obey laws. I had background checks. As we are to be safe community. I had so much flack on that. I am like you cannot just move in total strangers! A felony is bad. Little stuff we all made mistakes move on. Not a big deal.

    So, now everything is going wrong and I am stuck and do not have anything. My people still will let me and its a go right now. I figured get my land down payment then after lock down try to do some work and come back to keep working back forth.

    I have sustainabiltiy off grid. I have shelter for a tornado fire I mean smart efficient ideas. You build it now in the long run its paid for. and we would be debt free! I had a non profit going too! we could sell at farmers market and make money.

    All the money we earn goes to the community. we start with motor homes rvs. then we have our homes as a community. Then, we could use the rv’s donate to the community as community property. Then, roll it over to rent them out monthly just to get people visiting to check things out. I had no more than 50 community members and that is including volunteers. Ya know people coming in as communities join together as a network visting.

    I started with 10-20 people putting in together. I cannot believe from all over the us I could not get 10-20 lazy people to put money down. I need to disclose this and that. That is hard work trade secrets. non -disclosure agreements. Sit down and talk with me. Let’s do an interview! No one? want something for nothing.

    I am pushing 60 partially disabled I even know in under 10 years land is paid for at even 10 acres.

    If we have the trust together and we pass background checks and we know we own together and you have to buy each other out then its fine. if you are there I am here hey I am on my way see ya in November. woot woot we finally meet.

    everything has to be agreed on to do things. but I am like the owner president etc too. I want everyone to hear my ideas I founded. Its my baby I did it all with no help. Get feedback. A lot of my close friends were like wow

    I even give people an out. Most communities do not!! That is where you lose big moneyh! I buy in my name of course it is owner finance. I have my attorney legalities between you and me. Cheri this is not for me buy me out. Like a three to five year contract. Ok I am in during that time period then your name goes on title deed. That means I really want to be an owner and now besides title deed you are permanently on the board. Not just being an original. Its part of the community and all the decisions. Everyone of us are together.
    A lot of people liked that. Did not want to be stuck in something. Consider rent and move on. You would get your down payment back basially in buying out. Or, if you went all in all of us would have to buy you out within a reasonable time period.

    Anyway, if your daughters were part of the community, all of a sudden we would have 3 right there! It is who you trust that wants to do this. Very very quietly not giving away too many details.

    I still want a good 50 acres. We decide to buy 2 properties 1 as a back up have 2 communties. We are allowed to trade properties within a time period of course we have not build anything yet. Or, our back up is to run etc. I have to sit down and quietly go over stuff. I am off the next 2 days from work. I work from home full time. but my job is not in MO but I know what needs to be done. work does not even understand what is going to really happen.

    Downpayments as ball park is only $2-3000 a piece. I try to keep it all simple. Each member must pay dues of $500 a month. I am extremely low. I have seen so much higher! But, it covers like HOA. But better! We are using the community resources. We have food shelter water animals. Can you imagine if the community is thriving and built at $500 x 10 members only thats $5000 a month? That right there pays the mortgage buys the chicken feed you do not need to go to the grocery store buys fuel water building materials etc etc LIFE CHANGING at 20 members tops thats $10k a month. thats where you can flip it to not that many members but to earning money farmers market craiglist etsy etc its fun exciting a whole new way of life!! I have the experience you and the girls have medical I needed soo much! we just convert to holistic meds to survive I am soo excited!

    You know what? I never even thought of building the community as women! OMG we can do this!! We are going to be non profit. hence money paid every month is not ours but for community! I fit in better anyway with women. We have a strong work ethic and I can learn to build someway somehow I already have my youtube videos blue prints designs I got friends in mo that would help keep things secret but just do not want to join.

    Anyway I am rambling. Just let me know what you think I am off the next 2 days. my email is [email protected]

  2. I had not looked for a good while. I know they had to work from home. And everything they had went so fast. I went and check things out after our conversation and I actually have one or two very good properties. The elevation is key. And it is and there is water they accidentally discovered. It would need to be looked into as it was on the building site. But, wow we could make our well and have free water!! Its a whopping 10 acres and right in the area I am soo familiar with. I grew up in that whole part. Its perfect secluded off grid. They are not charging for the water. They was creating a private access into the property to help out. And the back hoe hit it. I think there is a deeded easement. But private drive is all I care about. It is very beautiful! It is only 10 miles from the small city with a really good hospital. You could get a job there or the girls. Just ideas

  3. For those looking for a retreat site, I have a titled post called SE Missouri Ozarks. possible” site. I have reasons for not wanting to stick my head out too far. Dangerous times are ahead as we all need to be careful on who we trust. But, we have a location that can support others through hard work. If you have read the Darkness Reigns series, you would be welcome here.

  4. I’m in Fayetteville and have been trying to get folks together for years. How is it going? Do you still have any room for more?

  5. I live in Sandy Utah and I’m looking to relocate and join a M.A.G. I’ve been a prepping for a few year now but location is everything and Utah isn’t working for me. Email me at [email protected]. Praise Ya ya’ll have a blessed day.