Nov 022021

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Hey all, just wanted to share our group with the folks here. We are a PA specific prepper group with vetted members across the state of Pennsylvania. I am one of the region leads for the Northeast region. If there are any questions or to learn more, PM me on here or send me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll get back to you.

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  1. Hello, lm Jon, we recently moved to our 10 acre property. Trying to find a group of preppers like ourselves which is kinda hard for us simply because we’re not exactly the trust types. When I say us I mean the wife and I. Takes a while to warm up to some.
    With that said we would like to know a little something about this group.
    Thanks in advance. We are located in west central Pa.

  2. Bump, we are always looking to add quality members.

    • Interested in joining.
      West-central PA., DuBois. In-town on a 1 1/2 lot, not a lot of room, but we have fun on it with perennial gardening and of course the usual annual gardening. We also can quite a bit and we live near several Amish communities (Troutville, Big Run, etc.) so we have access to lots of vegetables, especially in the fall.
      I’m a retired HVAC service tech. My wife is a retired medical secretary. My wife and I were country kids, then moved in town for our jobs.
      I’m also into avoiding online privacy which means no Microsoft and a tight leash on Google. My wife and I use Linux, currently Debian. I’ve added several utilities for messing with online tracking, fingerprinting, cookies, pixels, you name it.

  3. Tried to PM you. When I clicked on your link it took me to a messaging page and when I tried to send a message it asked for a Recipient.

  4. Hello, im DJ. Dont have land like Jon over here haha, but looking for a group in Pa that i can get to know and learn from. Been prepping for about a year now and would like to bounce ideas off like minded people and see where i can grow my skills and add new ones.