Mar 052016

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Hi WA Preppers,

Just a bit of an intro. I’ve been interested in prepping for many years but have been a bit slack in actually getting around to doing much. I’ve made a bit of a start this year and am keen to keep pressing on with it. I’ve got some basic water storage, I’m doing stock rotation of food, am keeping fit and have a few basic medical bits of equipment and a few plans to defend my house. I’m not preparing for any specific scenario, just trying to be ready for any of a big number of things that could go wrong.

A bit about me: early 40s, city worker type, two kids (which is a bit of a motivator to get a move on with my prepping!)

I was wondering if anyone might be interested to meet up some time. Maybe bounce around some ideas about specifics of how to prep in Perth. For example, what if a massive fire swept through the city or more generally, this is a town where lots of water is a good thing. Perhaps lunch or drinks in the city, in the interests of being fairly central?  If there’s interest, how about the last week of March this year (i.e. the week before Easter)?  Happy to make it lunch if people can make it, otherwise maybe drinks one evening.


Perth Prepper

  2 Responses to “Perth meet up?”

  1. g’day mate, i like your idea, but it would have to be fairly centra as from what i can see there are a few people living all over the pace from albany to gero

  2. G’day Perth prepper,

    I run an Aussie based preparedness forum called Ausprep. We have quite a few members from over your way. Jump over and check it out!


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