Jan 152020

looking for like minded people.  I’m located in the Irwin area.  My wife still thinks I’m crazy lol,  so just looking for others to discuss topics and what not.

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  1. I am down by Belle Vernon. I mainly do a lot of gardening and food storage. I am planning on doing some solar panels this summer. I am not a member of any group. Are you still looking for others to discuss topics with?

    • Whoops. I commented the wrong way apparently. If you can see my other comment…

      • Hi,
        I was wondering if you were still active on the site. It seems to me that most people around here feel that having a Wal-Mart near by is enough prepping. I mostly keep to myself now. As far as the virus goes, I feel that is all just a psyop to get people scared into giving up more rights and lining up for a poison vaccine. I can certainly help with the gardening. I am making a change this year. I have found that many of the “weeds” that grow in my garden without any care are edible. I think that may be one of the many bits of info that is hidden from us. Not sure I want to put contact info here. Is there a private area?

  2. Hey there. I totally forgot about this page lol. Welcome. I just got into gardening last year. Was mostly failures. Requires more time than I expected. I’m always up for shooting the shit about the current situations we face. Update to my last post. My wife doesn’t think I’m crazy anymore now that the world is freaking out over the virus.

  3. Hi, are you still looking for like minded people in the PGH area? I Tried to send a PM but could not find any way to do that. Feel free to use my email address directly if you do get it with the notification email.