Jul 222021

I am a 57 yearold combat trained vet….i have everything to sustain myself for 1 year…looking for just a place to pitch my shelter…can train to build shelters start fires fish hunt and track

  4 Responses to “Place to go”

  1. Location please. People need to know if you are local to them or not.

  2. Hi all. I live in New York, I’m 77 years old, and active with carpentry, and general house repair skills, along with a host of creative repair skills. I’m single if you don’t count two old kitties and a few kittens. So, I’m interested in the whole prepper mentality. Thanks

  3. R U willing to relocate to Michigan? We’re in the Huron National Forest area; no cities or freeways nearby. .

  4. I might be interested in relocating to a National Forest. If you’re interested, email me at gmail. My username is harakim, at sign, google mail domain.