Mar 132017

We are planning to survive the crossing event and are looking for other survivalists who would be interested in joining us. Please call 479-925-1271 or 479-531-8302, 479-203-8527. Great opportunity.

This group is located in Rogers Arkansas. You don’t have to currently live in Arkansas to join. The group is purchasing property with space for farming , fishing, etc. There is bunker space currently under construction.

  2 Responses to “Planet X / Niburu Survivor Group”

  1. I’d be interested in learning more. I’m looking for the same.

    • I would be interested as well,looking for a group to get with,i am 66 years old,in good shape looking for the same,good worker,mechanically incline,have 5th wheel RV with solar panels and wind turbines and survival stuff and 6mos or more food!