Aug 272016

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So I didnt realize I was a “prepper”. But on the eve of buying my second property and realizing that Ive spent the past year researching everything from rainwater catchment and seed saving, to building solar panels and rocket stoves…Im in deep. I have a plan, it includes my 20 acres in California and the upcoming 15 acres in Massachussets. I need advice, and a network. I joined this group, because I realize that many of us might need to travel to save our family. And wouldnt it be awesome if there were people along the way to help them on their mission. And wouldnt it be awesome if I were 1 of those people? So I kind of need help finding out how to build an underground bunker and a tree fort

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  1. You can contact me, I may be able to help you

    [email protected]

    • Also, anybody with tips, advice, or local prep buddies…[email protected]

      • My expertise revolves around small scale and portable prepping. You don’t need a “compound” to bug out to. Having only a fixed location has pros and cons. Your bugout plan should involve both and alternative locations. I myself, lack a permanent locale with a support structure. All plans should include a sole and group bugout for maximum survivability.

        Hit me up to exchange info about portable bugging out, and I am looking to group up.

        urnpendragon at gmail dot com

    • Would love to compare notes with you. I have been a survivalist for years and am a trained black ops operative. On top of combat training, I have a stockpile of items needed to live off grid. Among my supplies, my portable solar panel is vehicle mounted, expandable to 10,000 watts.

      Hit me up if you would like to talk.

      urnpendragon at gmail dot com

  2. Thinking prepper, may I contact you as well? We are just starting out and apparently have no clue and need knowledge.

    • Of course you may. Whenever you see an email on here, just send a message to them. I don’t think anyone would mind, I know I certainly would not.

  3. I’ve talked with Thinking Prepper he knows his stuff. It’s somewhat unconventional but i feel he’s on the right track more so than other preppers.

  4. Hello, I’m located in NH and have a location that is family located in South Central MA (boarding CT), oddly enough. That is not my “ideal” location, however it is hidden and secluded based on it’s location. Currently I’m working on establishing a hold down in NH North of me that is remote.

    I am set up very well with all the basics and advanced in several areas. I’d be interested to lead an ear about your plans in MA,

    I can be reached: mszyszkiewicz (at ) yaHOO (do t) (co m)

    Based on where you are setting up it might be a beneficial mutual aid situation for all interest.
    FYI – I’m on EST I’ll be checking mail later this AM.

  5. Really good to see people are still looking to network and learn to be prepared

  6. Looking to connect with other peppers in Massachusetts area willing to relocate. Ex EMT firefighter Rescue Squad ambulance. Volunteer police work conservation work some construction some farming

  7. My people are in the central valley of California and looking to relocate to the Mariposa Area. I like your idea regarding having safe locations for your people to find sanctuary as they travel to join family members. I realize your post is almost 2 years old but would be interested to know what progress you have made towards that goal.