Sep 302021

Husband and wife Mid 30’s, have been prepping for over 12 years in Northern Utah. Looking for like minded people in western WY, and ID. We have christian values, all of our own Long term food supplies, tools, literature,  firearms, vehicles, chickens, rabbits, bird dog, fuel, transportation, clothing, Tactical gear(full kits, night capability) etc…

Skills-Die hard outdoorsman, electrician, mechanical, horses, some gardening, general construction, meat fruit and veg canning, butchering, basic First Aid, reloading, hunting, Some gunsmithing, have basic ham license/equipment(still learning) welding/fabricating, young hard work ethic, enjoy teaching etc..

Hobbies- Hunting, survival, LR Shooting, competition shooting, backpacking, atv, fishing, dirt biking, horse riding, snowmobiling.

Wife- Excellent home maker, mother, homemade cooking, baking, canning.

New to the online forum stuff and still skeptical. But would like to start communicating and expanding our survival plans with like minded people in those areas. Our current go to location is being sold so looking for some options of a place to join. Possibly even interested in purchasing property(adjacent to others retreat)if conditions and pricing was fair.

Looking for options, conversations and friendships to start. Definately message me for more info and vetting.


  4 Responses to “Prepared family looking for WY or ID group”

  1. Hello from montana. I would like to chat. Things seem to be getting worse day by day in the national and world wide front. We love living here in montana which has a no mask no jab mandate which the socialists are fighting.
    You list many things you have skills in but evidently you don’t live where you are ready to make a stand. Time for everyone to be where they want to be for a while. Anyway if you have tried proton mail i have an account there which is a tiny bit more secure than some other emails. [email protected] Or let me know how you would like to communicate. my wife and i are both old but both work for money and are continuing to bolster our supplies and skills.

  2. Hi, me and my husband looking for people like you in Idaho as well. We are not a group but looking to form one. Please email me at [email protected] so we can exchange details and maybe get on a video call.